India vs Bharat Debate: G20 Important news India To Be Called Bharat?

 India To Be Called Bharat?

As India prepares to host the G20 leaders, a controversy has arisen within the Central government regarding the alleged “renaming” of the country from India to Bharat. The controversy was ignited when an invitation for a G20 dinner referred to the ‘President of Bharat’ instead of the usual ‘President of India’, sparking speculations about a name change. India as Bharat.

india as bharat
                          India as Bharat

Subsequently, a series of reactions unfolded: The INDIA bloc vehemently protested what they perceived as an “assault” on the unity of states, while the NDA faction praised the use of ‘Bharat,’ asserting that the term ‘India’ had been bestowed by the British colonial rulers. Although the Central government has not officially confirmed any renaming process, the use of ‘President of Bharat’ in the invitation and ‘Prime Minister of Bharat’ in official communications suggests that it might not be a sudden decision to discard what the Centre views as colonial-era names.

The controversy surrounding the name ‘India’ began when the Opposition coalition formed the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (I.N.D.I.A). Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew comparisons between this and entities like the East India Company, Indian Mujahideen, and Popular Front of India (PFI), all of which incorporated ‘India’ in their names.

PM Modi stated, “East India Company, PFI, Indian Mujahideen also use ‘India’ in their names. People wear different masks,” while attacking the Opposition bloc.

Former Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the Indian National Congress and the East India Company were both established by foreigners. He also pointed out the use of ‘India’ in names like Indian Mujahideen and Indian People’s Front. During his Independence Day address, PM Modi underscored the need to liberate the nation from a mindset rooted in subjugation, emphasizing the importance of shedding the colonial mentality.

He said, “In no aspect of our existence, not even in the deepest recesses of our thoughts or habits, should there be any trace of slavery. This slavery, lasting for centuries, has restrained us and suppressed our emotions, fostering distorted thinking. We must free ourselves from the slave mentality that permeates various aspects of our lives.” The latest criticism came from Union Minister Rajnath Singh, who described the name itself as “dangerous,” suggesting that using this name would inevitably lead to failure. He invoked the memory of the BJP’s ‘India Shining’ campaign.

He remarked, “And what is the condition of this [INDIA] coalition? A big name, but limited vision. They have retained the name INDIA, but I would like to convey to them that this name is perilous. We also had the ‘Shining India’ slogan and suffered defeat. Now, with INDIA as your name, your defeat is certain.” Since the G20 dinner invitation was issued with the reference to the ‘President of Bharat,’ several BJP leaders and NDA coalition parties have praised the name ‘Bharat.’ While it remains uncertain whether the Central government will formally propose renaming the country as Bharat, the likelihood of such a move is not insignificant.

India To Be Called Bharat?

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